Patrick Faurot (Vermont, USA) studied mathematics, contemporary dance, and music at Columbia University and Barnard College in New York City. During his studies in New York, Mr. Faurot danced for Colleen Thomas, Bill Young, Daniel Gwirztman, and the José Limón Dance Company while collaborating with fellow students in independent dance and theater projects and urban space installations, including a production of Charles Mee’s BobrauschenbergamericanLaboraty Picnic, An Endogenic Experiment, and The Siege of Butler. In 2008, he moved to Berlin where he obtained a two-year residency with the Karmanoia-Gaya Theater. During his residency in Berlin he played with The Cowboy Killers Famous Traveling Medicine Show performing early american traditional music of the 20’s and 30’s and directed experimental new works in theater, including an avant-garde interpretation of early 20th century “medicine shows” and an operatic variation of the illustrated short-story “Der Traurige Zwölfpfünder” by Edward Gorey. In 2010, Mr. Faurot traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina where he began his investigation of dance-theater through the köpfmaschine project. He is currently continuing the work begun in Buenos Aires in Berlin.

Lidia Cangiano (Naples, Italy - Actor/Dancer) studied mime and the history of theater in Naples and Paris before moving to Berlin in 2006. In Berlin she worked with Familien Flöz studying buffoon and mask work. In 2008 she studied clowning at the Bonts International Clown School in Ibeza, Spain. In 2010 she moved to Buenos Aires where she has been studying the theater of objects with Ana Alvarado and puppetry with Alfredo Iriarte. She is concerned that the distance between Naples and Buenos Aires is ontologically insignificant.

Lucia Disalvo (Buenos Aires, Argentina) studied at the Nueva Escuela de Danza Contemporánea Arte XXI. She participated in the ballet of Bolsillo directed by Oscar Araiz. Since 2006 she has participated in various projects and groups of dance in Buenos Aires and international dance festivals. In 2009 she received a fellowship from the Fondo Nacional de la Artes for growth in dance performance. Her mentors include Fabiana Capriotti, Eugenia Estévez, Marina Giancaspro, Carlos Casella. Her most recent projects are Las Troyanas, under the direction of Oscar Araiz and the support of the Universidad de San Martin, and Anclar: Imaginar el opuesto under the direction of FAbian Capriotti.

Atilio Schweizer (Buenos Aires, Argentina) is an actor and student of Butoh. He studied the Stanislavsky method un Oscar Naya at La Manzana De Las Luces. In 2002 he undertook a year-long intensive program at the Teatro San Martín in anthropological theater and acting with Néstor Sabatini. In the same year he began his studies in Butoh with the master Gustavo Collini Sartor, disciple of Kazuo Ohno. He traveled to Sapin in order to create an adolescent theater group at Cassá Cataluña. He is currently working in Buenos Aires as a dancer, actor and choreographer.

Victor Mora (Rio Negro, Argentina) is a journalist who has lived in Buenos Aires since he left Rio Negro with a broken heart. He came to Buenos Aires to buy “some new clothes.” His training as an actor is informal.

Eduardo Spindola (Montevideo, Uruguay) is an actor, sculptor, and director of the Querida Elena Teatro en Buenos Aires.